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Good coffee starts with a good coffee machine

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What Are the Best Coffee Machines for Duplicating Starbucks' Taste?
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What Are the Best Coffee Machines for Duplicating Starbucks' Taste?

Starbucks coffee is renowned worldwide, and it is hard to replicate its flavor. How does this company achieve it? Using modern roasting techniques and the right coffee machine may contribute to it. Its flavor has attracted many loyal fans who want to enjoy it in their offices and their homes.

For consumers who desire to recreate Starbucks' unique taste at home, buying a coffee maker for home use can be an option. However, be sure to choose the right coffee machine. In this guide, we delve into the following aspects:

  • Starbucks coffee flavor
  • The coffee machine for Starbucks
  • The criteria for selecting a machine to emulate the Starbucks coffee flavor
  • Coffee makers for home use to duplicate Starbucks coffee flavor

Understand Starbucks Coffee Flavor

  •  Starbucks Coffee Profile

Starbucks coffee has three main roast profiles – Starbucks Blonde® Roast, Medium Roast, and Dark Roast. Each has a different taste. However, no matter which roast profile it is, Starbucks coffee can always bring the natural fragrance and taste of coffee beans. It can balance bitterness and sweetness. This is what makes it unique. What is more, Starbucks employs a range of single-origin beans and blends for an eclectic flavor profile.

  • Brewing Method and Coffee Machine in Flavor

The brewing process and coffee machine both affect flavor extraction. Starbucks sticks to four fundamentals for brewing the perfect cup of coffee: proportion, grind, water, and freshness.[1] Starbucks uses espresso machines with high-pressure brewing to extract rich flavors.  

What Coffee Machine Does Starbucks Use?

Since 2008, Starbucks has used Mastrena espresso machines for heavy-duty commercial usage.[2] These Swiss-made Thermoplan AG machines for Starbucks, with automated tamping and an integrated coffee grinder, maximize espresso freshness and taste.[3] Mastrena machines are calibrated for optimal extraction pressure for an identical espresso shot. As they are mainly for commercial use, their prices are comparatively higher than normal coffee machines. The estimated price is $18,000 (£14,400) per machine. [4]

When selecting a coffee maker for home use, a commercial-grade machine may not be a good choice. A residential coffee machine is often more suitable and cost-effective.

Features of the Best Residential Coffee Machine for Starbucks Flavor

  • Milk Frother Capabilities for Specialty Drinks

The milk frother's technology is key for those aiming to replicate Starbucks-quality latte and cappuccino. Look for the coffee maker equipment with the professional frothing wand to produce silky and smooth milk foam.

  • Semi- Automatic Settings for Consistent Results

To achieve consistent coffee with the quality of Starbucks, it is important to look for a semi-automatic espresso machine. These semi-automatic settings allow you to adjust the temperature and volume, ensuring a perfect cup of coffee every time.

  • Advanced Features for Safety and Convenience

The best coffee machines for the home use should ensure safety. For example, coffee machines with integrating thermometers can help monitor optimal brewing temperatures for flavor extraction. An automated power-off function is also needed for energy economy and safety while the device is idle.

Coffee Makers for the Home Use to Replicate Starbucks Taste

  1. Empstorm® Espresso Coffee Machine EM-21M

We created the EM-21M to mimic Starbucks' rich, fragrant espresso. A 20-bar professional Italian pump and 58 mm handle enable this coffee maker for home use to hold more coffee beans and evenly distribute water. Additionally, the 40-level grind settings perfectly control grind size to emulate Starbucks-quality espresso. The 360° adjustable steam wand makes it possible to create smooth milk froth in Starbucks-quality lattes and cappuccinos.

  1. Empstorm® Espresso Machine 20 Bar EM-04E

Our EM-04E model has a 20-bar high-pressure pump and 1100W powerful pressure to extract coffee with maximum taste, like Starbucks. This coffee maker for home use works with coffee granules and capsules while simplifying brewing. The visible thermometer and adjustable manual frother provide barista-quality espresso and milk-based beverages with the ideal temperature and texture.

  1. Empstorm® Hot & Cold Brew Coffee Machine EM-CB1

The Empstorm® Hot & Cold Brew Coffee Machine EM-CB1 is designed for those who enjoy both hot and cold coffee. It utilizes a high-pressure extraction process with room temperature or frozen water to reduce bitterness. In this way, it can replicate the flavor profile of Starbucks' cold brew coffee to the largest extent. By incorporating high-temperature extraction technology, this machine extracts more flavor substances, resulting in a richer and more balanced taste.

Equipped with PID temperature control, the EM-CB1 allows users to adjust their brewing preferences. With this machine, you can switch between enjoying hot coffee and cold brew.


Empstorm is a coffee machine manufacturer offering the best coffee maker for home use and commercial use. With Empstorm's coffee machines, we promise to elevate your coffee-making process to ensure perfection in every cup. Our R&D team develops our products to give quality throughout production. With speedy shipping from two foreign warehouses and quick client responses in 24 hours, we promise to offer the best coffee solutions to our clients.



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