Quality Assurance at Empstorm

Quality Commitment

As a reliable coffee machine company, we clearly know only the best-quality coffee makers can deliver a cup of coffee with premium taste and fragrance. To deliver the best coffee machine to our clients, Empstorm takes quality as our core. From design to the final delivery, we ensure quality control at every step.

Quality Control in Design and Manufacturing

At Empstorm, we prioritize quality control throughout the entire process, from material sourcing to production. To design the best-quality coffee maker, careful planning is made in every detail, including material selection, structural coffee machine design, and user experience. This ensures that our products deliver optimal performance and durability.

In selecting materials for critical components, we implement stringent filtering processes. We choose materials considering their performance and tactile qualities. Aluminum, stainless steel, chromium, iron, and nickel are chosen for strength, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal.

In manufacturing, we employ advanced coffee machine technology in our coffee makers. For instance, we achieve precise temperature control through semi-automatic features, allowing for consistently delicious brews.

Our commitment to producing the best-quality coffee maker extends to our workforce. We provide technical training to our employees on the production line. It ensures they command the knowledge and skills to produce different types of coffee machines with high standards. Additionally, we perform regular maintenance on production equipment, preventing potential equipment failure that could harm the product quality.

Rigorous Testing for Producing the Best-Quality Coffee Maker

After the coffee machine is manufactured, we will carry out comprehensive testing to evaluate performance, safety features, durability, and user experience. Our rigorous testing process ensures that only the best-quality coffee makers are made for our customers.

  • Performance Testing: To ensure that our coffee machines consistently produce high-quality coffee, we evaluate the stability of their pressure and temperature controls. This is important because even small fluctuations can impact the flavor and fragrance of the coffee. The steam wand on a coffee machine is tested to ensure it can effectively release steam, which is necessary for creating the frothy milk used in cappuccinos and lattes. We also check the flow rate and coffee output of the coffee machine to see whether they achieve the standard level.
  • Safety Testing: We check whether our coffee machines are compatible with the voltage standard of the USA. Coffee machine safety features, including automatic power-off function, thermistor, and thermometer, are also tested for coffee machine safety.
  • Durability Testing: We simulate the long-term operation of coffee machines to check their wear and tear situation, evaluating the durability of the structure and components of our coffee machines. We also evaluate the coffee machines' performance and durability in different temperatures and moisture levels.
  • User Experience Testing: We test the interface screen for accessibility, ensuring that the information on the screen is correct and that the buttons are working. We also measure the coffee machine's noise level when working, ensuring that the noise level is acceptable.


Our best-quality coffee makers adhere to international standards like BSCI, GS, UL, and ETL, reflecting our dedication to quality.

Superior After-Service Support

Our after-sales support is exceptional, providing a comprehensive safety net to resolve any issues you may encounter on product quality or other related concerns. Our service representatives are available to assist you from Monday to Sunday, ensuring a prompt response to your inquiries. They are ready to provide support without any delay. To further demonstrate our commitment to quality, we offer a 24-month warranty policy for coffee machine safety and your satisfaction.


What Our Customers Say

“I use this coffee pot daily and have not been disappointed. A small opening on the back where you pour water is a bit of a challenge, but nothing stops an avid coffee drinker. I love the glass pot that is 12 cups and pours great from the spout. The other great addition is the 4-hour heating plate. The temperatures on the coffee are great! Highly recommend if you use your coffee pot all day like I do.”


“Amazing! Just purchased it, and it literally makes my coffee in 10 minutes for a full pot!”

“Got to say I am amazed by the Expresso that comes out of this machine. It makes a great cappuccino, and the steam pipe works well for its size.”